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Lancaster County's Preferred Caterer


I grew up in Philadelphia in a traditional Italian household with my father the breadwinner and my mother the bread maker. It was in my home that I learned the importance of food, not just as a means of sustenance but as something to share with others and incorporate into celebrations of every kind. Our city garden was the perfect ‘fresh’ start but I longed for more ‘fresh’, for farms and quaint markets where local, raw ingredients would be readily available. I dreamed of owning my own business where I could incorporate such ingredients into dishes that would soothe the soul, nourish the body, and stimulate the mind.

My journey for “fresh” started in Lancaster County when I became the proprietor of an authentic bed and breakfast located in the heart of Amish country, where I learned that ‘local’ really was everything. Travelers came to ‘see and meet the locals’ and to buy homegrown corn and other land favorites, and the locals sang the praises of their roots and why Lancaster county was the place to be, to raise a family, and enjoy the simple gifts that life and the land had to offer.

Now a resident of Lancaster County, surrounded by all that is scenic and natural, the mother of a beautiful daughter, and the proud founder and owner of Food For Thought Catering and Moonstone Manor, I am grateful for having conquered my quest for ‘fresh’. Food For Thought Catering offers innovative cuisine, using local and pure ingredients that yield earthy, rustic, and mind-smart fare.

I’m excited to be able to obtain useful and fresh resources to share with my clients and to support an effort that is essential in healthful living. I look forward to making a wholesome difference.



since 1995​

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